Frequently asked questions
  • Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Q. What is the Get There Sooner service?
A. Get There Sooner has been designed to provide travel information to both car and public transport users about possible delays along your journey. Providing real time or schedule information about departures for bus, tram or train. Get There Sooner can email you when there are incidents, congestion, roadworks and other traffic information.

Q. How do I access the Get There Sooner service?
A. You can access Get There Sooner information via kiosk, WAP or via the Internet at

Q. How do I find out my bus stop number?

A. This is located on the bus stop flag or on the timetable information at your bus stop, Here's a typical example: 37021180

Q. Do I need to register for the service?

A. No, however registering allows you to create personlised alerts that may effect your journey by email.

Q. What is the coverage within South Yorkshire?

A.The four District Councils are contributing various types of information.

Barnsley  - Congestion and Road Works

Doncaster  - Information Signs, Congestion and Road Works

Rotherham  - Congestion, Road Works, Information Signs

Sheffield  - Car Parks, CCTV, Road Works, Events, Congestion, Information Signs.

Q. What's the difference between Real Time and scheduled time?

A. Real Time is the predicted departure time of the bus provided in minutes i.e. due in 3 minutes.
The scheduled time refers to the latest timetable information and is provided as a 24 hour clock reading i.e. 17:03

Q. How much does the Get There Sooner WAP service cost me?
A. WAP is generally cheaper. Ask your mobile service provider for information on charges.

Q. What does  mean on my returned information?

A. When this symbol is displayed in the table or Internet/WAP screen against a service number.  It stands for 'low floor'. Low floor access on buses does not necessarily mean that this service is wheelchair accessible, but it means that people with difficulties stepping up into the bus or people with pushchairs may prefer to use a low floor access bus.

Q. Is my phone WAP enabled?
A. All technical questions must be referred back to your service provider

Q. Is the service available nationwide?

A. No, this service is launching only in the South Yorkshire area.

Q. Where should customers send their feedback about Get There Sooner ?
A. We welcome your feedback and comments. Please visit the contact us section on the website at